Meet Jack!

Our vision

To help your gym grow and flourish

We are small programming company based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Our passion is to look after our people and to provide a fitness program that is beneficial, enjoyable, scalable and applicable long term for people from all walks of life. Sure, we get excited about our top athletes but our passion is with the everyday member, that looks to us for guidance on their health and fitness. The Projects programming has the exact same goal.

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We focus on getting members to go from good to great

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We focus on people. This is the reason we do what we do.

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We focus on the everyday athlete. We believe being an athlete is a mindset.


Our Programming team

The passionate people behind projects

Jack Campbell

Head Programmer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
British Weightlifting Certified Coach
CrossFit Mobility and Movement Trainer

There is nothing I want more than to see people improve their health and fitness. My day consists of making people better and I can’t ask for a more rewarding job. I’ve been lucky to be apart of many success stories in our CrossFit community. I am focused on making sure my programming is for everybody, from the grandmother with 3 knee operations to the elite athlete that dreams of competing. We have been given the best tools to work with and putting a plan together for members to see them excel is what I love doing. We have seen amazing results with our programming for our members, and we’ll know it will be no different for your fitness family.

Jack Campbell

Owner and Head Programmer



We’re available to take your queries and questions.

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+6421 084 07269